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Connect with users in your city and meet with them to improve your language level. Thousands of people around you want to do some language exchange.

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Follow the businesses in your city and keep up with all the latest events.

Chat & Learn

Chat on your smartphone and don’t worry about not understanding or being understood… All messages can be translated!

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Socialise, contact the event organisers.

Certify your level

Receive the best offers and discounts. All you need to certify your foreign language level.

Learn languages the easiest way

Thanks to hi utandem you will learn languages quickly. Chat with users from your own town, meet with them and enjoy the experience. Visit our blog to make the most of your language exchangeFAQ


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Learn languages creatively

Shall we go sightseeing? Do some sport? Paint? You can choose your interests and meet others like you. The best way to learn a language is by doing what you enjoy

The first language exchange app in your town

We collaborate with a range of businesses in your town to get you the best events. Do you feel like attending an international meeting? If you’re new in the city, there’s no need to get bored!

More than 100 different languages, all the countries in the world

AGet to know the culture of the language. You can follow different organisations which will help you improve your level and the experience. What language would you like to learn?

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