How to sign up"

Sign in using your Facebook account

This option will link your Facebook account to the one on Hi uTandem. After pressing Accept on the signup assistant, you will be asked the languages you talk (and your level) and then the ones you want to practise.

If you hit the “+” circle, a list with more languages to choose will appear. Then you just have to finish the signup process pressing the arrow on the top right corner. Congratulations! You are now part of the Hi uTandem community!

Sign up using our signup form

To register using our signup, you must complete the fields Name, Last name(s), Date of birth, City, Country, Email and password. After entering your details, press the arrow on the top right corner to access the next screen. Now you can choose your avatar. You can choose an image from your device or a default image from the app.

After choosing your avatar, the signup assistant will ask you the languages you speak (and your level) and the ones you wish to learn or improve.

If you press the “+” circle, a list will appear with more languages to choose from.

Now you only need to finish the signup process by tapping the arrow again.

Congratulations! You are now part of the Hi uTandem community!

Language Exchange

Looking for tandem groups? Societies

We are aware of the number of clubs and societies that organise language exchange sessions, besides other cultural events. We know there is no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than joining a dynamic group.

At Hi uTandem we work to connect you not only with academies or meeting points, but also with clubs and societies which organise interesting events for our users.

In the main screen access the Societies section.

Do you want to know more about an organisation? Simply touch it and access all their events, reviews and information. There’s all the necessary to connect and be part of a greater community.

Where do language exchange sessions take place?

Hi uTandem strives to foster language exchange, so we provide users with places to meet and learn languages creatively.

To find a place for your language exchange sessions, access the Businesses section (coffee cup icon), where all the bars and cafés are listed based on the distance to the user.

To know more about each establishment, simply tap it and all the necessary information will appear (opening times, location, reviews, etc.). You can also add it to your favourites or give it some feedback.

As it happens with users and academies, you can also customise your search of businesses based on the distance.

How can I attend events?

Hi uTandem’s main aim is to connect people who want to take part in language exchange sessions and places where they can do so. And we do it in a very simple way.

When you interact with businesses, you will a calendar icon. There you will find a list of events organised by that business and joining those events has never been easier. Simply go to the event you’d like to attend and hit “GO”.

Once enrolled, the event is automatically added to your personal calendar.

That’s it! Now it’s time to enjoy the event.

App interface

Edit your profile

Access Profile

In Profile you can modify your interests, description, language preferences, check your favourite businesses or change your account settings.

Can I translate a message?

  1. Go to  Chats.
  2. Open a conversation.
  3. Tap the message you want to translate. A window will appear asking you if you’d lie to translate the message. Press Yes.
  4. Choose the language you wish to translate it to.

Report a problem

Is there something you think it’s not working properly? Help us improve.

Go to Profile>Settings>Report a problem.

Explain what the problem is and we’ll work hard to solve it. Thanks for helping us improve!

How can I change my profile picture?

Go to Profile and tap the current image and then touch it again, next to Edit. A window will appear giving you the choice to Take a picture or to Choose a picture.

Simply take one or choose the one you wish.

How can I check my notifications?

Have you received invitations to events but don’t remember which business is organising it? At Hi uTandem we have created a section where all your notifications are stored in the order you receive them. In that way you can later know who sent you these notifications.

To access your notifications section, tap the bell icon. There you will find all the notifications you have received and who sent them.

How can I log out?

To log out simply follow these steps:

Profile>Settings>Log out

How can I change my password?

To change your password to access Hi uTandem, follow these steps:

Profile>Settings>Change password.


How can I block/unblock a user?

If you no longer wish to receive messages from a Hi uTandem user, you can add him or her to your list of blocked users.

In Chats, swipe left over the user and press Block. You will stop receiving more messages from that user.

If you wish to unblock a user, follow these steps: Profile>Settings>Blocked users and press Unblock on the user you wish to unblock.

How can I interact with other users?

In the home screen you can see the list of users closest to you. If you wish to contact one of them you can do it in two different ways:

• You can tap the mail icon next to each user. This will automatically open a chat with that person.

• If you have already tapped on the user to obtain more information about him or her, you can also open a chat tapping another mail icon within the user’s profile.

There you go! Now you’re ready to meet new people with similar interests and language preferences.

List of users. Filter users according to the language you want to practise.

In the home screen of the app you can see all Hi uTandem users. In this screen you see people listed based on their location.

You can see their avatar and their name. Next to it there’s a column with the languages and levels that each user speaks. Next there’s another column with the languages each user wants to improve and the starting level.

If you want to find suitable language partners (distance, languages, gender, etc.) you can do it using the magnifying glass in the top left corner of the screen. When you press it, a new screen will come up with some search preferences and filters.